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Accept Ethereum payments for your business 24/7

Daily cashouts

Turn Ethereum into USD / EUR and spend everywhere

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Do you want to accept Ethereum securely ? Don't want to publish your own only ETH address and try to find out who paid you?
We offer you to start accepting Ethereum payments on your website / online shop just in minutes.
Using our API you will provide an uniq ETH address for each customer. You will be able to track sales as you usually do using any other payment processor.


What is ETH stands for?

Ethereum (or Ether) has the abbreviation of ETH on Internet community and exchange services.
Current price/exchange rate for 1 (one) ETH is worse of 3123.445 USD
You can see the realtime exchange rate for Ethereum at the top of our website.

New To Ethereum?

Just like a usual paper money and the gold long time before it and bitcoin now-days, Ethereum is a digital currency which allows any parties to exchange the value. Unlike old predecessors, Ethereum offers digital contracts and fully decentralized. So people can make exchange of value without intermediaries like banks, credit card companies which gives greater control of your funds and spending fees.

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